To feed the world, let's cut food waste.

One of my food heroes is a man named Tristram Stuart, an English writer and speaker who for many years has campaigned against food waste.  I've been thinking a lot lately about the people in my community who are chronically hungry, so hearing Mr. Stuart today made me both angry and sad.  He was a keynote... Read More  


Meatless Monday goes to Paris.

Eating less meat is one of the most important steps you can take to fight climate change.  Yet, at the recent United Nations climate change summit in Paris, the topic was hardly raised in  official circles. Nevertheless, a dedicated coalition of international Meatless Monday groups attended, and... Read More  


Canada needs a national Food Policy -- and now is the time.

Food is at the crux of most of the crucial issues of our time.  Producing and consuming food in ways that are good for the environment and human health should be a focus of any government today.   But traditionally it has not been.  Like many other jurisdictions, Canada has had agriculture... Read More  


Could we learn from the Ministry of Food?

Could millions of people learn to grow their own vegetables, and change their diets to include more greens, less meat, and almost no sugar and junk food?  It sounds like a nutritionist’s dream.  But it happened in Britain during World War II when the country massively altered the diets of its... Read More  


What should you believe in media reports about diet?

One week eggs seem good for you, another week they seem bad.  At least those are the kinds of confusing messages consumers feel they receive from television, the Internet, newspapers, radio, and social media.   I searched a few debate-worthy food topics including the Paleo diet, raw food, and... Read More  


Back to the Start

Attached is one of the most emotionally moving food videos I've ever seen.   If you've thought about the environmental and health problems of industrialized farming - especially of livestock animals - then you'll appreciate this film, made by the Chipotle restaurant chain.  As societies, we changed... Read More