ELEANOR BOYLE is an educator and writer on food and its impacts on environment and health. Based in Vancouver, Canada, she holds degrees in psychology (BA), neuroscience (PhD), and food policy (MSc).  A long-time journalist, Eleanor has been a reporter for television and for the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and Montreal Gazette. She taught college and university psychology courses for more than a decade.

Author of the book High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat (New Society, 2012), Eleanor believes it is possible to transform our meat-centred diets, and to eat in ways that are good for health, for climate, and for ecosystems.  Her newest book, now available, is Mobilize Food! Wartime Inspiration for Environmental Victory Today.  Based on the stirring history of British food transformation in World War II, the book shows that food systems can change, people can change, and that in crisis we are capable of greatness. Take a look at mobilizefood.org.

Eleanor is an entertaining and informative public speaker, who has presented at diverse venues from conferences to neighbourhood events. In the past year she has spoken and led discussions for academic, professional, and community groups.  Feel free to reach out and contact her at eleanor@eleanorboyle.com.

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