For the environment, there's nothing wrong with raising livestock - in small numbers.  For health there's nothing wrong with eating meat - in small amounts.

Yet human beings have lost control in their appetite for chicken, beef and pork, and have galloped from meat-as-an-occasional-treat, to meat as the centre of most meals.  Neither the planet, nor our bodies, can take it any more. 

My book High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat, outlines the ecological and health downsides of too many livestock and too much meat -- and demonstrates that there's much we can do.  As consumers, we can eat less meat.  As societies we can insist on more sustainable and compassionate ways of raising cattle, chickens, pigs and goats.

Timely and compelling, the book offers a modest, commonsense approach to a serious problem, laying out strategies for all of us to cut back on our consumption of animal products and ensure that our meat is produced in sustainable, ecologically responsible ways. At the same time, High Steaks describes progressive food policy shifts to discourage factory farming and encourage people to eat in ways that support ecosystems and personal health.

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