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Greetings to all of you who tuned in to the VegClub Gala at the University of Toronto on March 30, 2021.  

I was honoured to be one of your speakers. During my talk I mentioned several resources, and here they are. Please write with any questions or comments -- either through a comment below, or at [email protected]


(1) The Good Food Institute (GFI), and its Alt Protein Project.

GFI founder Bruce Friedrich  recently gave an entertaining and informative interview on how to answer questions like: 'Why don't you eat meat?' He helps us all become more effective advocates for vegetarianism/veganism.

(2) Dr. Melanie Joy, and her enlightening conversation about the psychology of eating animals / plants: on Youtube here.  

(3) On the topic of pandemics, read about expert Dr. Michael Greger. He says that if societies want more pandemics -- they should build factory farms! Read about his research and speaking on this.  

(4) My book: I've still got a few copies available of my book High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat. One is being raffled in the Gala event, but I'll send out one more to the first person who emails me at [email protected], with the subject line BOOK. 

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