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What does it mean to eat 'plant-based'?    

For some people, the term should apply only to individuals who eat completely vegan.  But others consider themselves 'plant-based' if they consume veggies, grains, lentils and fruit -- along with their meat and fish.      

Personally, I'm happy with flexible definitions.  I'm fine when people called themselves vegetarian, then eat chicken wings.  And I'm fine when people call themselves plant-based and then order the occasional steak.  It's OK with me when someone even identifies  as vegan, then eats turkey when visiting their parents for Thanksgiving.  

I support flexible use of these terms, because those of us who don't eat meat are not in some exclusive club that requires proof for membership.  We're not in a cult. We're all on a journey toward eating more kindly and sustainably.  And the fact that many people (even those who do eat meat) want to identify as vegetarian or vegan is evidence that these categories are considered desirable.  Sometimes 'plant-based' is simply aspirational, but that's a good start. 

In case you're wondering about the image, it shows my husband's favourite lunch -- greens and radicchio topped with lentils. He's a healthy guy.        

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